Double magnetic slot antenna 80 meters

By Mark Zuckerberg

Build a 160/80 Meter Magnetic Loop Antenna - Part 1

Build These Great Antenna Projects - Survivor Library Apr 24, 1992 ... 80 QRP. 7 QRX. 98 ~ndom Output. 78 RTTYLoop. 94 73lntematlonll. 74 Special Events ..... allocation in the sections of the 2 meter band listed above ... called the balanced double gamma feed sys- tem. The new ...... Magnet wire antennas work fairly well, but it's ...... wobble in their slots, and a label template. (PDF) ARRL Basic Antennas | Jimmy Rachmat - Chapter I Introduction to Antennas Chapter 2 The Half-Wave Dipole Ante nna in Free .... Ag '·3 - A wire Immersed In the magneUc fle ld of a permanent magnet. .... while some multiple of Hz . The usual ones 300,000,000 meters per second in .... J:~ are proportional) , as we ll as the o 20 4 0 60 80 100 12(l "0 tOO 180 power, ...

24 Jan 2011 ... C. Printed antennas: Patch, printed dipole, spiral & slot antennas. 2. .... B. H- plane: The plane containing the magnetic field vector and the direction of ... c = Speed of light (3x108 meters/second). ..... Beamwidth: 60° x 80°.

Тут можно смотреть видео Build a 160/80 Meter Magnetic Loop Antenna - Part 1 онлайн и без регистрации, а также скачать бесплатно. Build a 160/80 Meter Magnetic Loop Antenna - Part 1 Build a 160/80 Meter Magnetic Loop Antenna - Part 1 — Смотреть на Half-Extended Double Zepp (HEDZ) - Двухдиапазонная …

iting aspect to the antenna is the space, or span, required to support it. This be- ... years in the design of 80 and 40-meter Yagis. One of the first antennas I can recall was the Hy-Gain 402BA, a 40-meter, ... The K4VX Linear-Loaded Dipole for 7 MHz

K5LAD's Assorted Ham Stuff "I can’t work 80 meters, I don’t have a good 80 meter antenna" How many hams have made a statement like the title of this piece? Loop antenna - Wikipedia A small transmitting loop antenna, also known as a magnetic loop, ... nor the double peaked ... and accessories used in amateur radio direction finding at 80 meter ... 80 METER ALL BAND LOOP - "I LOVE MY LOOP" BY KL7JR

80-20m Magnetic Loop Antenna by Frank N4SPP. Can you spot the 2 meter antenna? Did you know you can cut a thin set of lines in a common "dish" antenna and use it with transceivers? Great DIY slot antenna for covenant restricted homeowners needing a stealth antenna. (No you can't use the dish for both. Read the pinned PDF.) 1.8-2.0 db gain.

"I LOVE MY LOOP" "I Sure Did" An All Band 80 Meter Loop Project by ... Although I have mostly tried this antenna on 10 and 20 meters, ... KK5JY Small Transmitting Loop Project Building and testing small transmitting loops, also known as magnetic loop antennas, for the amateur HF bands. vk3ye dot com - Magnetic loop antenna for 160 - 15 metres