Gambling odds on a cruise ship

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It is the stuff that inspires romance novels and movies, but it is also real and has been for some time. Casino gambling in the United States outside of Las Vegas or Atlantic City used to be limited to cruise ships. Traditionally, the casino could not open until the ship was three miles offshore in international waters.

Anyone Here Wise To Cruise Ship Casinos? - FlyerTalk Forums Jul 14, 2011 · One the cruise lines I have been on, every game has had worse odds --Blackjack and Craps are tweaked to further favor the house (by alteration of standard pay out odds and dealer play rules). On Celebrity in particular, the rake on the poker game was breathtaking (over 3x what was charged in a land casino I dealt poker in years ago). Advice for Cruise Ship Gambling - Cruise Radio Oct 19, 2017 · There are lots of tips for cruise ship gambling that will help the people who are expecting to win big on vacation. However, it’s important for all people to try to plan everything out carefully.

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Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Money Won on a Cruise Ship ... In some instances of gambling winnings, a casino, cruise ship or gambling hall ... wins a table game payout with odds of 300 ... One copy of the completed form will ...

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I've heard that your odds of winning on the slots, etc. are better on the first day of the cruise due to how the machines are set up. Rumour is that they want word to spread of some good payouts to increase passengers' casino spending for the rest of the cruise. Is Gambling At Sea A Gamble? - Cruisemates Cruise Ship ...